'State of the Art' Cue Sports Lighting Solutions

Tiger Leisure 'State of the Art' Tournament Pool and Snooker Table Light Canopy's provide unmatched performance and offer great monetary gains.

Our Light Canopies come with easy adjustable 'Plug and Play' wire rope rigs that allow effortless installation and removal. They are fitted with 'DAYLIGHT' bright white florescent tubes parting 40% more light on your tables than conventional canopies. Even with the additional light output they will use 88% less energy than convetional canopies. The cost saving in running our canopies over conventional is huge and will noticeably reduce a venues electricity bill were the pool and snooker tables get regular use.


Our canopies boast newly designed diffusers engineered to spread the light evenly across the entire table and greatly reduce under ball and cushion shadows. 

Shadow Comparison - The image on the left shows the shadows seen on most standard lighting canopies. The image on the right is taken from a table fitted with a Tiger Leisure Tornament Light canopy. 


The two examples in the picture were taken on two adjacent snooker tables, so as you can see the shadow reduction is dramatic.

Our canopies are suspended with inovative technologies to ensure they are rigidly suspended and easily adjustable. As can be seen in the picture to the right the canopies are fitted with a single wire rope clamp at one end that allows easy adjustments to get the level perfect with ease.


All our canopies are shipped ready to hang and plug in straight out of the box, all that's required is to connect the mains end '3 Pin flex Connector' up and then plug it in to the canopy, thats it!

As shown in the picture to the left, the wire rope rigging attaches to your chosen ceiling mounts with extra strong 'D Snap Hooks'. The wiring flex attached to our canopies is terminated with a standard '3 Pin Flex Connector', all you have to do is wire up the mains connecting end and plug in.


Please contact us direct for additional info, including examples of Snooker and Pool Venues already deployed with Tiger Leisure Lighting solutions.






Standard UK 7ft Table (5ft Canopy)
Tiger Leisure Ltd Price for a Pool Table £144.
Full Size American 9 Ball Table (6ft Canopy)
Tiger Leisure Ltd Price for an American Nine Ball Table £168.
Full Size Professional Snooker Table (2 x 5ft Canopy)
Tiger Leisure Ltd Price for a Snooker Table £288.


Domestic Home Use Slim Line Canopy (5ft Slim Canopy)
Tiger Leisure Ltd Price for a SlimLine Single Bulb Canopy - Domestic Home Table £108.

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